ADA Consulting and Mediation

Mediation and consulting is well-suited to resolve disagreements involving physical and emotional disabilities such as access to facilities and services offered to the public by covered entities Together, Metro DC based parties can arrive at mutually acceptable provision of services and reasonable accommodations all the while complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act. (ADA)

ADA Consulting Metro DC

From 1994 until 2012, Dr. Maida had funding from the US DOJ to manage a program ( The Key Bridge Foundation) designed to mediate disputes alleging violations of the ADA. As a part of this program, five trainings a year were conducted nationally to train mediators throughout the US to resolve civil rights complaints filed with the DOJ. This training produced a national roster of mediators who were then assigned cases the DOJ thought would benefit from mediation.

In addition, Dr. Maida provides consulting and information about how the ADA and reasonable accommodations applies to those with disabilities or those who provide services to the public. For further information, call: 202-285-2510 or e-mail. Also, inquire about on-line mediation because physical distance issues make face-to-face mediation unfeasible.