Family Mediation

Mediation services for families in the DC Metro including separation and divorce, custody, parent-child, and probate.


Divorce Mediation





Cost Effective

Divorce is a challenging time for spouses and children. Most people believe that cooperation with a spouse is generally preferable to constant bickering. Cooperation results in parenting plans that meet the needs of one’s children. The resolution of financial matters based on mutual trust can be fair and equitable and meet the future needs of both spouses. Each spouse and parent benefits from a process that respects everyone’s needs and opinions.

Call and arrange for a no-cost meeting where you and your spouse can get more information about how mediation helps spouses make decisions with which they both can agree and, if children are involved, will meet their needs. Call: 202-285-2510.

Also, inquire about on-line mediation because physical distance issues make face-to-face mediation unfeasible.

Probate Mediation

Mediating probate matters that arise when a loved one dies is a sensible and efficient choice. Family members are certain to have their voices heard and their needs considered. Whether a small or large estate, mediation can resolve many of the differences that exist with respect to surviving family member wishes and the interests of surviving family members.

Probate Family Mediation Metro DC

Pre-marital Mediation

I f you are dating, living together or if you are planning to get married you may have relationship problems. Why don’t you try mediation to resolve those issues before you formally get married.