Workplace Mediation

Workplace and business mediation is designed to help resolve disagreements between employees, employers, team workers, and supervisors. Typical disagreements involve those between employers and employees concerning conditions of work, discrimination, meeting the goals of the organization, yearly evaluations, to mention a few. Often a DC Metro workplace will benefit from an analysis of how the workplace meets its goals or not.

Business Mediation Metro DC

Dr. Maida has developed a psychometric test (Trans-acting In The Workplace) which helps an organization assess how it is meeting its goals and suggests needed changes. In addition, Dr. Maida is qualified to administer the Conflict Dynamics Profile which can help any organization understand the role that conflict plays in the decision-making process. Call: 202-285-2510 for further information and to arrange for an appointment to discuss how these two psychometric tests can inform positive change. Also, inquire about on-line mediation because physical distance issues make face-to-face mediation unfeasible.